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The International Federation of Scholarly Associations of Management


IFSAM 2012 Council meeting representatives


IFSAM is an association of associations designed to foster the development of international scholarly activities directed at understanding management practices. Our mission is to advance business and management research, teaching and practice throughout the world.

To pursue this mission and provide direct benefits to our member associations and their individual members we:

  • encourage the establishment of scholarly associations of management,
  • promote linkages and exchanges of information amongst associations and support their internationalization,
  • establish and maintain standards of competence in management research, teaching and practice
  • organize international conferences to explore the development and exchange of new concepts and perspectives on global business and management challenges and developments,
  • promote other strategies to develop management research, teaching and practice and encourage the development of contextualized fields of inquiry, and
  • facilitate the development of networks amongst academics with common interests.


Some highlights of our website

  • About IFSAM provides you with information and answers to questions about who we are and how we function.
  • Conferences presents  the numerous conferences that IFSAM has held around the world over the years. The IFSAM conferences are always international in scope, attracting scholars from around the world, so we suggest you bookmark this site and watch for upcoming conference announcements.
  • Membership describes the benefits of becoming a member and how to become a member. It also provides you with links to our member associations, their contact persons, conferences, and publications.


The 2014 Conference will be held in Tokyo Japan on September 2-4, 2014. The theme of the conference will be: "Management in Crisis". Here is the link to the conference web site.